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Kobanê: Symbol des Widerstands und des Kampfs für Selbstbestimmung

Christian Zeller (2014): Kobanê: Symbol des Widerstands und des Kampfs für Selbstbestimmung. Emanzipation 4 (2), S. 5-13 [pdf]

Kobane Defense Chief Hasan: We Want Turkey to Change Its Faulty Attitude Towards Us

Mutlu Civiroglu
Interview with Ismet Hasan, Defense Minister of Kobane Canton
Interview conducted on November 6, 2014

Isemt Hasan informs about the defense of Kobane, the support from peshmergas and reinforcment of ISIS gangs.

YPG’s Polat Can on Situation in Kobane

October 29, 2014
The spokesperson of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) Polat Can evaluated arrival of the peshmerge forces to Kobane border, relations between YPG and the international coalition.

Syria and the International coalition intervention

By Joseph Daher
October 8, 2014

In recent weeks we have seen the establishment of an USA led International coalition also composed of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Jordan to launch a joint military operation, on Syrian territory, with the tacit support of the Assad regime as we will see, against Daech (also known as the Islamic State (ISIL). Several levels of analysis are needed to understand the dynamics of this intervention.

Kobani is a Monument to Kurdish Resistance

Jonathan Dworkin
October 4, 2014
The siege of the Kurdish town of Kobani by the self-anointed soldiers of Islam has now entered its third week. That’s a week longer than a group of Americans, including the famous James Bowie, held the Alamo against Santa Anna’s army. No doubt the caliph’s men were hoping to encounter a feeble and terrorized people. Killing women is holy work for the Islamic State, but doubts must enter their deformed minds when the women fight back with such ferocity.

Solidarity with Kobanê – an urgent task

Sarah Parker

writes about the siege by ISIS of Kobanê, and the need for urgent solidarity. 

Socialist Resistance, 1. Oktober 2014

Comments and discussion on the situation in the Middle East

François Sabado, 30 September 2014
International Viewpoint, IV476 - September 2014

What are the real responsibilities of American imperialism? Rarely has a situation been so dramatic and so complicated to decipher. It is a new situation, where an entire region is now engulfed in war and chaos; a new situation dominated by the emergence of the barbarism embodied by Daesh, the dislocation of states like Iraq, Syria, Libya and tomorrow Lebanon, by massacres of populations, by the dictatorial regime in Syria and today by Western intervention.

Pentagon: wir wissen was geschieht und sprechen uns mit unseren Verbündeten ab

Stellungnahme des Pentagon, Video mit Material von CNN, 30. September 2014

Obama will die Banden des IS nicht bekämpfen. Den USA geht es darum, zusammen mit den Verbündeten eine Lösung zu finden. Es ist deutlich: die USA verweigern den Menschen in Konbane bewusst ihre Unterstützung. Die Banden des IS machen die Drecksarbeit, anschließend will die Türkei eine Pufferzone durchsetzen und ein Teil von Rojava und Syrien besetzen. Die USA verfolgen mit ihren Bombenangriffen ein anderes Ziel. Sie wollen den IS etwas schwächen, sie das Assad Regime etwas schwächen und ihnen treue Kräfte mit der Zeit an die Regierung bringen, durchaus bei gleichzeitiger Erhaltung eines Teils des alten Regimes.

"The Female State"

"The Female State", Dokumentarfilm über die Women's Protection Units (YPJ) in Rojava, Westkurdistan

Gareth Harvey, MFS The Other News, 60 minutes, Australien, 28. September 2014

YPJ Commander Ebdo: As long as we're here, they can't form buffer-zone

Meysa Ebdo, Mitglied des Rojava Generalkommandos der YPJ (Women's Protection Units)

Interview geführt vom Journalisten Ersin Çaksu und am 27. September in der Zeitung Özgür Gündem erschienen


Ebdo was speaking on the font in Kobanê, where the YPG and YPJ continue to resist an ongoing ISIS offensive against the canton which began on September 15th. The YPJ commander called the ISIS attacks a crime against humanity, and pointed her finger at international and regional powers, in particular Turkey, who are supporting ISIS in their attempt to destroy the canton.


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